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11th - 19th August 2018


2017 Trail Winners

Saturday 12 August: Adult’s Trail: Jasmine Orrell, Addingham Children’s Trail: Megan Pheasey,

Sunday 13 August: Adult’s Trail: Danielle Mills, Bingley Children’s Trail: Isla Platt, Addingham

Monday 14 August: Adult’s Trail: Nadine Bell, Leyburn Children’s Trail: Bobby Atkinson, Bingley

Tuesday 15 August: Adult’s Trail: Janet Clark, Shrewsbury Children’s Trail: Billie and Stuart, Leyburn

Wednesday 16 August: Adult’s Trail: M. Bradley, Bispham Children’s Trail: Emma, Shrewsbury

Thursday 17 August: Adult’s Trail: Owen Parker, Rawtenstall Children’s Trail: Harty, Bispham

Friday 18 August: Adult’s Trail: Karen Leaman, Harrogate Children’s Trail: Alex Gardner, Rawtenstall

Saturday 19 August: Adult’s Trail: Leanne and Claire, Padiham Children’s Trail: Macey and Ollie, Harrogate

Sunday 20 August: Adult’s Trail: Jane Taggart, Halifax Children’s Trail: Hayden Tippling, Padiham

2017 Scarecrow Winners

First Prize: Church

Second Prize: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Third Prize: Ski Slope

Very Highly Commended: Evacuation

Highly Commended:


Steptoe and Son

Beecher's Crook

Magic Roundabout

Roman Soldier and Neptune

Gary Linekar and Diane Abbott

Henry VIII

Blues Brothers

Night Garden

Kathy Lamb Cup (Best Effort): Beauty and the Beast

Winning Phrases

Adult’s Trail: Pop Legends

Children’s Trail: Richard III