Sad news...

2020 Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival cancelled.

  • Dear loyal friends and visitors,

    It is, with a heavy heart, that we announce we’re cancelling this year’s Kettlewell Scarecrow Festival.

    We've considered the options, as well as the government guidance, and accept this is the wisest, safest thing to do. We cannot, in all good conscience invite thousands of people into our small village, with its narrow streets and modest village hall, to place our most vulnerable residents at risk.

    We accept that there may still be visitors who wish to come to the Dales this summer, but we do not feel it is our place to encourage them to do so by holding a festival.

    Instead, we will run a virtual festival, using our website and social media to provide a modicum of humour, a little distraction, and a reminder that the festival will not run this year, but hopefully will do in 2021. More details of the online festival will be shared very soon.

    Hoping you all stay safe and well,
    Kettlewell Scarecrow Committee.